Auxo Investment Partners has acquired Midway Rotary Die Solutions, adding deeper capabilities to the private equity firm's die manufacturing platform. Midway designs, manufactures and sharpens dies for customers in the automotive, packaging, medical, food processing, tag and label, specialty and photo-cutting industries. The company also offers multi-stage heat treatment processes, cryogenic treatment, carton prototyping and technical support to for crush-cut dies.

Williamston-based Midway Rotary Die Solutions has come under new private equity ownership, MiBiz has learned. In the latest deal for Grand Rapids-based Auxo Investment Partners, Managing Partner Jeff Helminski says that the firm’s investment in the Williamston-based manufacturer of crush cut dies will add more capabilities to the company’s die manufacturing platform. Included in the acquisition are 50 employees from Midway and a roughly 20,000-square-foot facility in Williamston, Helminski said, adding that the 33-year-old company is the "quintessential story" of two entrepreneurs, Richard and Betsy Seeley, who "found their business and poured their professional life’s work" into building a "world-class organization."

Private equity firm Auxo Investment Partners has purchased Midway Rotary Die Solutions for undisclosed amount. Auxo said the acquisition is a part of its plan to add capabilities to die manufacturing platform – Bernal Rotary Dies, Atlas Die, and Atlas Chem-Milling ... Auxo said that the acquisition allows Midway Rotary Die Solutions to continue to grow, serve a wider array of customers and offer new capabilities in wide format RP rotary dies and flexible rotary dies.

In a competitive M&A environment, it is not enough for private equity firms to win deals just on capital alone. Potential buyers are increasingly seeking operating partners to work with the companies they acquire. Auxo Investment Partners, a lower middle market private equity firm out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, is one case in point. In 2017, Auxo acquired dry barge shipper M/G Transport Services and bought on industry veteran John Binion to serve as the target's operating partner. "Someone like John has enormous direct industry experience that none of us have," says Auxo co-founder Jeff Helminski.