The industry leader in solid dies for over 40 years, Midway Rotary has launched a new web site ( to better serve both new and existing customers. Use intuitive and interactive new features to identify the solutions that best fit your needs. Detailed product and service specifications enable you to identify the solution that best fits your specific need; details on our capabilities help identify new ways we can better serve you; expert insights from frontline designers and engineers help you to improve your own process!

The COVID-19 pandemic that dismantled daily routines and hammered the economy has forced investors to pivot along with the companies they back financially. As firms work through the pandemic and guide their portfolio companies, constant communication has taken on greater importance, particularly at a time when people are working with heightened anxiety about their safety and uncertainty about the future, said Jack Kolodny, a managing partner at Auxo. Auxo holds regular meetings with portfolio companies, which allows them to share information and best practices for employee safety, cleaning facilities, and ensuring “the messages are getting down to the operators so that everybody understands what’s going on with the company, with the world, and with the policies,” said Chris Merendino, a Vice President at Auxo.

M/G Transport Services, a division of Auxo Marine Holdings, announced May 2 that John Binion has been appointed CEO, succeeding Jack Lordo. Binion has served as a lead director of the M/G Transport Services board since its December 2017 acquisition by Auxo Marine.

“I am excited to take on this new role and work closely with the talented team at M/G, which for decades has provided the highest level of customer service in the inland barge industry,” Binion said. “I look forward to partnering with the management team to build on the company’s impressive legacy and create new opportunities for our employees, customers and vendors. I also want to thank Jack Lordo for his more than 30 years of service as he has been a big part of making M/G the market leader that it is today.”

Atlas Flex is proud to be partnering with NorthStar Nameplate by donating a few Eagle Dies that are being used to produce components for Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) being manufactured by A-dec for health-care workers fighting COVID-19. The plastic shields for powered air-purifying respirator helmets are worn by ICU workers treating patients with the coronavirus. Each Eagle Die is final coated with our proprietary PTFE coating to prevent sticking by adhesives

Jeff Helminski, co-founder and managing partner of Auxo Investment Partners in Grand Rapids, successfully leveraged his atypical experience and path in multiple deals last year. Helminski has a diverse professional background, including experience in manufacturing engineering, high-volume assembly operations management and real estate development. His firm, Auxo, now specializes in investing in and growing founder- and family-owned industrial, manufacturing and business services companies.

Auxo Investment Partners has acquired Andrie LLC in partnership with the founding Andrie family. The company, led by CEO Stan Andrie Jr., has a fleet of 19 vessels with a cargo capacity of over 125,000 tons and has approximately 150 employees. Andrie was founded in 1988 by Barbara Andrie, mother of the current CEO, and is headquartered in Muskegon, MI (