The "secret sauce" that separates Auxo Investment Partners from other private equity firms comes down to hard work. That’s according to Jeff Helminski, a managing partner at the Grand Rapids-based Auxo, which has completed four deals in the last 12 months, with more on the way. In the dealmaking process, Auxo seeks to hold itself to "the highest standard in the industry" by deploying a strategy that reflects the values of the partners, whose aim is to help companies unlock their growth potential.

October 30, 2016 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) — Grand Rapids-based Auxo Investment Partners formed in October to fill a void for owners stuck choosing between traditional private equity firms, which can value returns over maintaining a company’s legacy, and family investment offices, which often lack the professional services that private equity can bring to the table. "There’s not much left in the middle," Managing Partner Jeff Helminski told MiBiz in a previous report. "We think we can bring to market a solution that has that professional expertise in terms of helping these companies grow but because of who our capital sources are and our aligned relationships with them, we can take a long term perspective … which feels more like a family office."

October 31, 2016 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) — Auxo Investment Partners in Grand Rapids, Mich., offers private equity investments for the long term, which sets them apart from other private equity investors, according to the founding partners. The firm was launched earlier this month to fill what the partners see as a gap in the private equity market. Jeff Helminski, one of the firm's three founding partners, says investors want more transparency in their investments, and those seeking capital want long-term investments.