Our Team

Auxo's passionate and experienced principals have over 80 years of investing and operating experience both directly as managers and in supporting management teams in building businesses. Our team is supported by a trusted network of strategic advisors, operating veterans and industry experts who provide insight, access and expert guidance to our investment decisions and portfolio companies.

Jeff Helminski

Managing Partner

Jack Kolodny

Managing Partner

Fred Tedori

Managing Partner

Brian Dora


Brandon Walsh

Vice President

Max Keenoy

Vice President

Alena Golovchenko

Vice President

Michael Tedori

Vice President

Seth Jorde

Senior Associate

Nate Gillespie


Kimberly Beute

Chief Financial Officer

Eric Kamstra

Director Investor Relations & Business Development

Kara Potter

Executive Assistant

John Janitz

Senior Advisor

Valenti, III

Senior Advisor

Dominick Schiano

Senior Advisor