Jun 11, 2017 — Private equity investments in Michigan grew in 2016 with an increase in both deals and the amount of capital invested. Part of the growth in private equity investments in Michigan and nationally stems from a greater awareness of private equity and an improving reputation for the industry. "At least in West Michigan, private equity has become more well-known in recent years," said Jeff Helminski, a managing partner at Auxo Investment Partners, which formed last fall.

Jan 8, 2017 — Professionals working in mergers and acquisitions in West Michigan expect strong deal flow to continue in 2017, maintaining a seller's market. The group brought together by MiBiz for an M&A roundtable discussion generally offered favorable views of President-elect Donald Trump’s pro-business policy agenda and doubted that rising interest rates would slow activity. ere are the highlights of what they had to say.

Dec 2, 2016 — ESG factors can be a strong indicator of a company’s likelihood of success, and therefore a powerful driver of higher returns. That’s why my partners and I have incorporated ESG considerations into the core of our investment strategy at Auxo Investment Partners, the private equity firm we launched in October. Ultimately, ESG investing is about recognizing that a company’s ecosystem is critical to its success; to ignore ESG considerations is to ignore risks and opportunities that have a material effect on the financial outcome of our investments. This is particularly true for the smaller, family owned businesses (less than $15 million EBITDA) where Auxo focuses its investing efforts.

October 31, 2016 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) — Auxo Investment Partners in Grand Rapids, Mich., offers private equity investments for the long term, which sets them apart from other private equity investors, according to the founding partners. The firm was launched earlier this month to fill what the partners see as a gap in the private equity market. Jeff Helminski, one of the firm's three founding partners, says investors want more transparency in their investments, and those seeking capital want long-term investments.

October 30, 2016 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) — Grand Rapids-based Auxo Investment Partners formed in October to fill a void for owners stuck choosing between traditional private equity firms, which can value returns over maintaining a company’s legacy, and family investment offices, which often lack the professional services that private equity can bring to the table. "There’s not much left in the middle," Managing Partner Jeff Helminski told MiBiz in a previous report. "We think we can bring to market a solution that has that professional expertise in terms of helping these companies grow but because of who our capital sources are and our aligned relationships with them, we can take a long term perspective … which feels more like a family office."

October 18, 2016 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) — A new private equity firm, Auxo Investment Partners, has launched in Grand Rapids with the aim to help small businesses in West Michigan achieve their full potential for current and future generations of owners, employees and communities. Auxo seeks to fill what they see as a gap for business owners in the private equity firm marketplace, said Jeff Helminski, who co-founded Auxo with Jack Kolodny and Fred Tedori. For many small, family-owned businesses, there may come a hand-off if a generation does not want the business, or a company may be seeking outside partners to fuel growth, Helminski said.

October 18, 2016 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) — Auxo Investment Partners, a Grand Rapids, Mich.-based private equity firm focused on small-cap companies in the Manufacturing, industrial, value-added distribution or business services industries, is raising upwards of $50 million for its debut fund. The firm is led by former Blackford Capital pros Jeff Helminski and Jack Kolodny, plus current Enterplast chairman and CEO Fred Tedori.

October 18, 2016 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) — Here’s an interesting launch of a new private equity firm that appears to have the interests of family offices and family businesses in its sights. Called Auxo Investment Partners, the firm wants to appeal to long-term wealth creators and at the same time align its interests with those of investors. When it comes to taking stakes in companies, Auxo says it wants to bridge the "troubling gap in the private investment marketplace" between the short-termism of private equity and the lack of expertise from investors like family offices to help build a business.

October 17, 2016 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) — Western Michigan is home to an innovative new private equity firm. Auxo Investment Partners, launched today in Grand Rapids, aims to help small businesses achieve their full potential for current and future generations of owners, employees and communities by making long-term investments and providing expert operational and strategic support.

October 17, 2016 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) — A trio of private equity veterans have started a new firm in Grand Rapids. Jeff Helminski, Jack Kolodny and Fred Tedori announced today the launch of Auxo Investment Partners, a private equity firm with a focus on long-term investments for small businesses.

October 17, 2016 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) — A new private equity company, Grand Rapids-based Auxo Investment Partners, has announced commitments for about half of the $50 million fund it is raising to invest in 10-15 small businesses over the next five years.

October 17, 2016 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) — Private equity firm Auxo Investment Partners has launched with an initial goal of raising $50 million in equity commitments to invest in North American manufacturing, industrial, value-added distribution, or business services companies.

October 17, 2016 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) — Auxo Investment Partners, a new private equity firm based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has launched. The firm seeks to invest in North America-based manufacturing, industrial, distribution and business services companies that have an EBITDA of $1.5 million to $15 million. Jeff Helminski, Jack Kolodny and Fred Tedori have founded the firm.

October 16, 2016 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) — Grand Rapids-based Auxo Investment Partners, which officially launches today, plans to capitalize on two major challenges that exist in the private equity world: a lack of transparency between the firms and their investors, and a gap in the options for businesses choosing between family offices and traditional private equity funds.